Help us understand how your baby’s gut health impacts their immunity!
We are looking for 300 babies to take part in a complementary feeding study that aims to explore how a prebiotic food (k
ūmara) introduced with baby’s first foods influences their gut bacteria and immune health.
If you plan to introduce solid foods to your baby at around 6 months of age and meet our eligibility criteria, we’d love you to be part of our research.

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The SUN Study is a randomised controlled trial looking at nourishing the infant microbiome and supporting immune health through a prebiotic first food, in conjunction with their weaning diet.


300 babies and their mothers will be recruited before solid food has been introduced. Usually this is between four and six months old. Infants will be randomised to receive a standard kūmara powder, another group will receive the kūmara
powder with an increased amount of resistant starch (prebiotic) from banana, and a third group will be the control


The trial is open to those living in Auckland, NZ. Clinics are held at the University of Auckland in Grafton, Auckland.


The project is led by the University of Auckland, with partners across the country. Funding has been granted by MBIE through High-Value Nutrition, National Science Challenge.


Recruitment is open until the end of February 2024.  Study participation takes only 4 months, with three clinic visits during that time. 

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